Little Hollow Boutique is an online woman’s fashion and jewellery boutique that stocks an array of products ranging from luxury to costume. Little Hollow provides women with easy access to pretty, funky, unique, and quality jewellery and accessories.

Our goal is to create a boutique that allows our customer to both invest in the essentials but also play with the trends.

Little Hollow Boutique was started by Kristine Beck.

Kristine was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. After graduating from college in 2012 with a Communications Degree, she started her career in the Public Relations industry in one of Ireland’s top PR firms.

After a year, she moved in-house to a top technology firm based in Dublin.

After the birth of her first baby, while on maternity leave the idea of returning to work terrified her. She realised that she didn’t love what she done enough to justify spending so much time away from her baby. While simultaneously, staying home wasn’t an option.

If she was going back to work, it needed to be doing something that she was passionate about, that was her own and that could potentially secure a future for her son.

From there, the idea for Little Hollow Boutique began to form. Little Hollow Boutique is named after her son Logan, as Logan is Gaelic for ‘Little Hollow’.

Owning her own business had always been a goal, which combined with her love of fashion accessories, meant it was a natural progression to open an online women’s fashion accessories boutique.

After working on a business plan throughout maternity leave, she came back to work in January 2017 ready to start something new.

She secured investment for Little Hollow through Eaton Investments and from there the idea started to become reality.

The goal of Little Hollow Boutique is to provide women with easy access to pretty, funky, unique, and quality jewellery and accessories. We want our product to excite and inspire. All product are manufactured to our premium specification.

Over the next year we plan to grow and expand the range, so watch this space!!